Friday, December 19, 2014

Blogging while I am in the mood!

Happy Friday!!! Man oh man the holiday's are just dragging. Hope to wake up and it be January already and let's get this new year started, this one has been a total Debbie Downer, lol
As if my last two pages don't show it. Yeah they are a wee gloomy but that is how I am feeling. Hate the holidays, HATE HATE HATE I tell you!!!

I also got the chance to work with Christina a.k.a 2 Curly Headed Monsters Designs
 I printed out a couple elements and used them in my latest AJ book.
Below are two digital ATC's I made as well!

LOL, I know funn ahhhh?

I also got to work with Studio Sherwoods newest release too, CandleGlow Bundle 
 The photos are from my dear friend Betty's facebook page. Santa is her brother and Mrs. CLaus her SIL. I could not resist I snagged them and scrapped them up. LOL 

Well that is about it for today, hope to see you soon and many thanks for stopping by.

Let's Go Red Wings!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Look at me blog....LOL

If you know me I dread it big time but look at me now a few times in one week. Hoot, Hoot!!!

I am an anal artist, if that is even what I am. When I start a project I never think about it, I just use whatever is close to me. and go with the flow. But this is one messed up flow. I placed some acrylic paint down and used a couple of stamps laying around. I then photo transfer Marilyn Monroe (a clipping from magazine) it really didn't come out well and I think I might of over rubbed it a bit too. POOP! But I still gave it a go and added a quote from her to some tabs I printed out. But then I added the white glitter and it went down hill from there. 
 I just put it aside and will give it a go later in the week.

This is my Sunday POP-UP ART CHALLENGE over at Artful Chicks
Just some crazy Monday morning madness from my head!!!!! Why yes that is my favorite word I am covering up with a bleep? LOL I need some more coffee!!! I used some dylusion ink sprays, faber castell gelatos, acrylic paints, pens and markers, bubble wrap, a couple stencils, washi tape. Word tabs and girl are from 2CHMD, glitter and some gems.

Oh I also made a couple digital scrapbook pages too. Tomorrow my youngest daughter, Kat will be 27, oh my goodness where did the time go? happy Birthday, Babygurl!!!
Created by Jill Scrap has a new kit "Serenity" at Gotta Pixels and I love the blues in this.
She has a special on her bundles!!!

I also got to play with Studio Mix #81 "Retro Holiday" kit. The first page are photos of a dear old friend Karen's beautiful son's and grand-daughters a couple Christmas's ago.

These photo of a facebook friend, Sona at a holiday party this year.

 I also finished the front and back cover of my second altered novel book. I really love how it came out.

and wing house from CWD

Well I want to thank you for stopping by. I will see you really soon.
Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Wonderland ~ Artful Journeys #3 pre-launch prompt

This week in Artful Journeys our pre-launch prompt is "Winter Wonderland" and this what I came up with.

I used  Metallic Acrylic paint, reindeer's and snowflake stamps and inks, winter trees with gold embossing, Holiday ribbon, homemade stamps, Vintage girl from 2 Curly Headed Monsters (Dear Santa...I Can Explain *SAMPLER* kit) word art "Peace on Earth" from a Happy Mail.

Be sure to check out our blog to see Betty's, Teri's, Melody's and Lynn's Winter wonderland pages.

Well while you are here I will show you my last page in my latest altered novel book. Today I will be working on the front and back cover. 

and guess what I got last night??? My SIL and daughter, Randi got me her....
We are thinking of calling her "Rebel" or "MooMoo". LOL
She is a Cane Carso mixed with Lab. 

Well thanks for stopping by and will see you soon.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Used paper towels for Art Journaling

I thought I would share how to use, paper towels that you slop up some of the yumminess of paints or inks you create with. I started with putting on some Gesso on my page and letting it dry well.

Then I picked a used paper towel and a baby wipe. 

I used mod-podge to lay them down and let it dry very well.

I then added some paint to bubble wrap and laid a layer down.

I love using my faber castell gelatos, so I picked a couple out for this project. Rubbed them on using my fingers. Love to get my hands all dirty with art, who don't? 

Rummaging through some stash I found this pretty gold mess, used some mod-podge to place it on, let it dry well!!!

Looking pretty!!! Feels AWESOME with lots of texture!

Places a few stamp circles with white ink, just a little popping out.
  I then used a paper towel tube and placed even more circles on it, loving all this texture!

I used my heat gun and made the paint bubble up for more TEXTURE!!!! Also added some word art duct tape I had on my art table at the time. With a paint pen I made some dots and lines to add to boarder of the tape.

I added some buttons with a hot glue gun and used a paper doll head from Ziggles
She has a new Reindeer girl head and a video tut to watch, a must check out.

I added some word strips from a magazine and black wax pencil around the face and some circles.
I am a very sloppy artist and of course I got some red paint all over my face, but I left it.....That's how I roll!
 really love how it came out and I love touching it. lol

Here I am finishing up my second altered novel book. I made a few Tip- in's for it.
 The middle one has a stamp with my favorite word "F".... I am so sorry having a brain fart, I think it was Terri or Melody who sent it too me.

Oh and be sure to check out Artful Chick Blog

tomorrow for our third PRE-LAUNCH PROMPT #3 "WINTER WONDERLAND"
Click on tab below to go to our Facebook Page and check us out!

Well that is it for today, see you all tomorrow and thanks for stopping by.

LOL True that!

Friday, December 12, 2014


First I will show you my lasted digital scrapbook pages I made. 
For a dear friend, Laurie Her beautiful boys a couple Christmas's ago.
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Kit by Studio Sherwood Designs

 Here is my beautiful grandson, Liam early in the year. 
Warm Fuzzies - Fusion Bundle by Created by Jill Designs

Ok now let me show you a texture tactic I did. I use bottle caps or pencils to make circles with acrylic paints, then I use my heat gun to singe them till they rise and bubble up. Makes an awesome texture. Be careful not to get too close or you will burn your paper.

 On my tip in, I made lots of yummy circles with bottle caps/pencils or whatever I have laying on my table. Inside each circle are what I call "paint boogers" LOL Dried up paint you get when you open the bottles, silly me saves them and uses when I can.
Also used some dylusion ink sprays, bubble wrap, butterfly decals, black and white wax pencils.

That is it for now, see you soon!

For Throw Back Thursday here is a page I made in March 14' I just love Johnny Cash!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Little bit of madness from my head this week

Little bit of madness from my head this week, hope you enjoy.

Girl Head from Ziggle, I used stamps/inks/black and white wax pencils, faber castell gelatos, derwent color pencils, acrylic paints, magazine word bits and face parts

Photo transfer gone wrong, LOL I put the med. gel on wrong side of graphic. I just left it and used dylusion black ink, white and black wax pencil, sticker stars, paint markers

Felt a little christmasy for a moment. Used a old xmas card, ink/stamps/felt stickers, gingerbread stickers, stencils, xmas ribbon, washi tape

dylusion ink sprays, faber castell gelatos, black and white wax pencils, acrylic paints, stamp for texture. Made house with a novel paper.

dylusion ink sprays, faber castell gelatos, acrylic paints, gel paints, stencils, Doll from Xquizart, wings from a HM I believe from Marcy

My second photo transfer, Acrylic paints, homemade stencils, sticker decals, washi tape, cherub from Graphic Fairy

Yeah, I know I am not much of a talker blogger, LOL A little shy.
See you soon.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Artful Chick week two prompt is......

 Dropping in to tell you all about AC's week two prompt

This week's prompt is to catalog our paints/markers/pencils/etc. I did my Gelato's (faber castell ).
Oh my goodness, this is the "whitest" page I have ever done, lol I only did a simple one. It seems a little anal for me, LOL I don't get the point of it. But you will always run into prompt's that will annoy you and make your skin itch, this is mine. (grinning)

While your here I will show you a few pages I have done over the last past couple of days.
I loved the background so much I almost didn't put anything on it, but it makes me feel naked if I don't! LOL

 I just happen to have the cherub w/ cloud on my desk and I wrote in LOVE with my black wax marker.

My oldest daughter went back to Florida last week with my grand-daughter and I miss them.

Yep I woke up so damn happy I can not stop myself from playing all day in my art room  ..... The girl is from Ziggles Designs  I just added more color to her. dylusion ink sprays, faber castell gelatos, white and black wax pencils, acrylics, markers, gelli pens.

Some Sunday morning madness from my head, The beautiful tag was sent to me from Ruth, The cats came from a pamphlet from our last visit to the vet, lol ....I tried to stamp with baby blocks (meow) didn't come out that good, need a not so busy background .... The cat photo she is wearing a tag so I added a real one with some jewels. LOL I don't know why this photo is side ways, it isn't in my folder where I am uploading it from.

Mr. Krinkles made his official visit this morning, he dropped AJ off a pumpkin spice muffin. Larry and I have had Mr. Krinkles for a couple years, this year is the first time with the grandkids now that they live closer. We are going to have so much fun.

It is beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS here! Peace out till later :)