Saturday, March 21, 2015



LOL no flowers and spring? I was at a lost and it is also still cold here in the "D". So I only made a tip-in to use in one of my AJ books. 
I did get to use my spanking brand new stamp sets, one is "Ruby Rainbow" from dylusions and the other set is from Finnabair called "Don't forget to fly". I love both of these sets!!! 

I use a box top with the flap. When I am done with it I add double sided tape to the flap so I can attach it to any AJ page. I laid some gesso down with a credit card I had seen many gals do it in the youtube video's I watch. I loved it went on a little smoother then using a brush. When I stamped my Ruby stamp down I decided to color her in with good old fashion gel pens, lol I have a few Copic pens/markers but to be honest, I don't like them. 
WHY? Well you have to have special paper to make them look nice and I am not rich enough to pay this kind of paper for that pen/marker/. It is the same for the T.Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks I bough because everyone else did and little did I know you need some kind gloss paper and nope photo paper didn't cut it, so now I am stuck with over a $100 of those inks and can't really play with them like a pro. 
I do plan on selling them in a facebook art swap group and use the money to get some more heavy acrylic paints maybe from Golden. Oh sorry to ramble back to my tip-in, I just wrote the quote and added a word with a black pen. Easy peasy!!!! 

Now check out what I found in an old shoe box filled with vintage ribbons I had gotten from today's trip to my FAVORITE local thrift shop "Finders Keeper" Vintage seeds packs with the seeds in them. Some are from way back as 1953. Just too cool and I am so delighted!!!1

Thought I lost my MoJo somewhere this week, but it came back and started kicking butt I did five pages in one day! LOL
The fairy doll and tiny home are from a kit from Crowabout StudioB.

I was inspired by a video I seen on pinterest. The vintage gal came from Crafty Button Designs newest kit "Darkest Before The Dawn"

 This has many piece's of happy mail I have gotten from some wonderful gals.

And this one I used some happy mail from Carol. I lost the envelope with the goodies as I was cleaning my art room last week.

This is just one of the four sides to my ghetto art room which I love!!!
LOL Yep I had to clean this room! Sorry I didn't even think to take photo's of it when I cleaned it.
Anyhooo about Carols envelope well I found it and used most of all the goodies in it!!!

This was the first page of the day I made, used some paper napkin die cut flowers my dear buddy, Lynn sent also some of her plastic flower die cuts!!! The vintage gal is also from CBD newest kit, "Darkest Before The Dawn"

I also made my facebook page a new timeliner.
and of course I had to make AMG one too.

Well that is about it for now, I want to thank you for stopping by and please come again.

Sharing a couple photos of my Lil' Picasso (Liam) He loves coming into Memaw's art room.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Let me state this for the record, since I was a pup I hated green. Never even wore it on St. Paddys day that is how much I hate it. So this week will be a short and sweet.
I went on Pinterest and found this short Irish proverb. I gesso my pages, laid some strips of masking tape down and then used 4 different greens spreading it out with a credit card. I removed the masking tape and started my fancy writing. I drew in the lines and stamped the feeties, hearts and do-dads.

I am sure Betty, Melody and Lynn have better pages. Check them out HERE.

Here are a couple stuff I did this week.

Well that is it for now, thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Alter This And Altered That!!!!

I've be altering this and that!!! I am currently in a couple swaps. One for an altered spoon and the other an altered matchbox. I am pretty proud of these for being my first. They are by no means perfect but in my head I "Nailed it!" LOL

The cherubs are from Graphic Fairy. I used some beautiful paper I got for my birthday in a happy mail from Raylene, a couple ribbons and some gems.

I Loved how this one came out I made another. 
 I just used some ribbons, flowers, glitter and gems. The angels are from Graphic Fairy.

I also squeezed in an art journal page today and got to use my new devil boy angel girl stencil I got over at Retro Cafe Art. I used more of that yummy paper I got from Raylene, acrylics, black wax marker, model paste, alpha stencil, ribbons, stamps from Tim Holtz and some ink sprays.

Yesterday was my 49th birthday and my hubby let me play in my art room all day long, so what's a gal to do? make tons of wonderful ATC's, so I did! The top set girls are from itKuPiLLi Imagenarium. The next three set dollies are from Crafty Button Designs. They all are on their way to their new homes.

I want to thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again.

Monday, March 9, 2015


ARTFUL JOURNEYS - WEEK #10 ~ Clocks & Time

Wow I can believe it is already 10 weeks. Time is flying by fast. Spring is in the air, I know this because I heard on the local news the Tigers were in Florida for spring training, lol and my birthday is tomorrow. woohooooo!!  Big 49 and I am excited. Can not really say why but I am, so what if I am getting older and time is flying by. It's all good with me. I am in a happy place and creating every chance I can. Here is this weeks prompt page. Nothing fancy,  I didn't have anything with a clock on but found this cool quote on Pinterest. I used one of my Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions Cling Stamp from the Collection-Curious Corrin and I used some of the awesome Dina Wakley acrylic paints I got my dear friend, Deborah for my birthday!!!! 
I could not resist using any junk that was on my art table at the time, the stamps came from a happy mail. I used some homemade stamps such as a piece of cardboard and an arrow I made. 

While I am here I will show you some other pages and altered art I made last week,
Made this for my daughter, Kat with Little Liam's feeties. I found the recipe of course on Pinterest.

 These two pages are in my latest altered book, used tons of happy mail, birthday cards and junk sitting on my art table. 

 Practicing photo transfer with my Golden soft gel I got as a sampler and OMG it worked. Putting this on my wish list for more :)

 Found this cool photo of Rihanna from a magazine and photo transfer it to an ATC 
Love how it came out.

Here is some madness from my head, I found these cute bottle cap collage sheets over at Pinterst, sorry the designer didn't give her name on DL sheet. 

This one of my slop collector books, just a place I use up all my extra bits of paints or inks.
If I have ink on a stamp that needs to be used up, I stamp it on a page, if there is extra gesso or paint on my brush. I use it up on these pages. Once all the pages are covered well, I add a little something here or there. I then do the front and back covers and give them away. 

I'm in an altered book swap over at AMG, the top photo is the front cover and here are the pages in order to the back cover.

The End!! LOL I do love how it came out and I learned so much from making this.

Here are two altered keys I made for a swap and the other one was a gift.

  Some ATC's I made to do a little spoiling with. I used my CBD dollies.

Here are some more, these are made with mostly Tim Holtz products I have.

This is how anal I am on recycling. I am starting to save the "glue butts" of my glue sticks and place them in an airtight jar. Once the jar is filled I will try to melt it just a bit and then replace in glue tubes. MMM we will see.

Ok that is it for now and I hope to see you soon. Many thanks for stopping by.