Saturday, April 25, 2015

Artful Journeys Week 17: "Be inspired by, Pablo Picasso"

Welcome to Artful Journeys Week 17: "Be inspired by, Pablo Picasso"! 
I was inspired by one of Picasso's painting "Head of a Woman with Hat"
Seen some of his art came to Detroit at our D.I.A I believe in 1999-2003 I went with some friends and have wonderful memories. We had a night of wine and art. Since then three of the five friends I went with have now passed on, so I thought I would have a bottle of wine in their honor as I created my master piece inspired by Picasso. 
I went on line and seen this painting too, but I think it is from an art class, I feel in love with it and think that Picasso would of loved it too. How could he not, the bright bold colors and the flow of the abstract is too awesome.
I created it on an altered art journal book I am currently working on, from an old book I found at my local thrift store. It is my first one I ever worked on that was correct meaning it is sewn instead of glued. LOL!!! 
As I was tasting the wine, I swear Picasso came in my head and started talking to me. I am NOT an artist. I could not draw to save my life but lately I am giving it a go and I have to say I think I nailed it and Mr. Picasso himself would agree. Not really!!! But the thought makes me happy and that is all that counts! 
Materials used ::::
Gesso, Faber Castell gelatos, Prismacolor "Nupastels", Black Bic ink pen, and a Posca Paint Pen.

I also scribbled a quote I found of his online.
 That night as Mr. Picasso and I listening to some old tunes from the early 80's, and sharing  bottle of peach wine as I was creating my page (mind you this was all in my head)  I was missing my friends and had a good cry and it was well needed. I had some wonderful memories of them and our time we shared as youth. R.I.P Carrie, Britt and Mark I love and miss you all so very much.

Ok on to some creating I did during the week and a giveaway on my facebook page : HERE :
 I made a pocket letter and thought I would do a giveaway on my facebook page (Tamie is preserving memories) You just have to pick a number between 1 and 500 and "LIKE" our page, that simple ahhh? Good luck.

My friend, Delores sent me some awesome clip art from collage sheets. I recognized them right away from designers over at Mischief Circus. It is one of my favorite digital stores for collage sheet. 

I made tip-ins for some of my art journal books or happy mails I send out. Also more collage art from Delores and from MC.  The bottom one of the girl dancing is from a kit by 2CurlyHeadedMonsters Designs who I am a honorary member of her CT. I've been working for Christina for years and you didn't hear it from me but the word is something AWESOME is happening soon in her camp and I am excited for it to be revealed! Shhhhhh!!!! Mums the word! 

 I have created a few of these I call Art - on - a - box. but have not done one in a long while. I had a vintage lady swap and just so happen to dreamed this. When I woke up in the morning I got to it right away. I decoupage it with some Tim Hotlz  tissue paper and sewing patter tissue I had. The girl is from a designer at Mischief Circus. I also pasted down some vintage labels and letters I had and found the quote online. 
With the extra bits I made a quite ATC too.
Here are a couple ATC's I made using pop bottle cap collage sheet I have, sorry forgot where I got it and there is no name on it. The cherub is a graphic from The Graphic Fairy

Here is a double page I am still working on, not to sure if I am done or will add more layers.

a couple photo's I took as I was going.

Well that is it for this week, many thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the giveaway on my facebook page. Hope to see you soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Artful Journeys Week 16: "Sights around you"

Artful Journeys Week 16: "Sights around you"

Hello everyone, welcome to week 16 for Artful Journeys. Earth day is April 22nd and I based my page on this. 

Yeah I know it very plain for me but I had a rough emotional week and wanted to stay simple.
I had gotten some Prismacolor Nupastel color sticks from my bestie, Lynn Jackson and wanted to try them out. I can not draw to save my life but thought "what the hell" who can not draw a circle? Well blow me down I did it!!!!!! 
Now I love getting paints and inks on my hands but I did not like the feel of these on my fingers and could not clean them fast enough, kind of freaked me out a bit, LOL! 

Here are a few more pages I had done during the week.

I took a few happy mail envelopes I had,
laid them down with some soft medium gel.

Then layered paints, inks and more.
I am very pleased how it came out.

I also made a few new sets of ATC's so I can send some RAK's out.

These are for an ATC collab project I was the middle artist on these. 
I had printed out this giveaway from Retro Cafe almost a year ago, and it sat on my art table the whole time. I finally got the nerve to try to do it.
I think I nailed it, lol!!!
Now they are on their way to the last stop, looking forward to see what the next artist does with them.

 I joined another altered key swap and this is what I came up with, I am still thinking of adding a bit more to her, maybe some glitter.

And this is another double pager I did, I used a paper doll from Amber a.k.a Crafty Button Designs.

I also made another pocket letter for a private swap, really love how it came out.

Well that is it for now and hope to see you soon. 
Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Artful Journeys Week 15 - FOUND POETRY

Artful Journeys Week 15 - FOUND POETRY

WOW week 15 already! Granny always said the older I get the fast time flies and she was right about that.  Sorry I haven't been around too much, I had some personal family issues to deal with. 
I do want to thank all my artsy family for the love and support I have gotten. It help me so much to know I am not alone.
My heart is still broke and I am sure it will be for a long while but I now have the strength to move on with life. Thank you all!

Ok now on to this weeks prompt,  FOUND POETRY. I know I cheated with this prompt. I found a beautiful poem on a card I had gotten this week from Truddi. In fact Truddi sent me a very cool package with tons of goodies.

These two top photos are just the packaging,  don't they just rock?

Can you say OMG WOW? I did! She knew the voo-doo doll would come in handy and it sure has. I have been poking it all week and chanting some family members names. LOL
 For this weeks prompt Truddi inspired me in so many ways.
I used a few tidbits from her awesome happy mail.

Ok here it is, TAAADAAAA!!!!! I tired the Zetti style because of Truddi envie she sent me and was blown away I nailed it, lol I also took the card she send with poem and cut it up. 
Ok so how do I do it? I waved my artsy magic wand and "POOF" LOL Ok Ok, maybe not. 
I used my bigger size art book and laid down some gesso. I applied some acrylic paints with a credit card. The mess was a sticker I had gotten in happy mail long ago, The tinsel was from Truddi. I also used up any and all washi tape she had in the packaging. I used a couple homemade stencils as well.
The body is a little girl from a clothing company and I added an adult head to it. I used a white pen to do add some zing to it and used a sticker fish I happen to have. The poem (told you I cheated a bit) was from the card Truddi sent. I really love how it came out.

While I was in the hospital I made a few ATC's and spoiled some of my artsy AMG sisters with.

Here is the first page of a new altered book I just started.

Over at AMG Betty stated a new swap for Pocket Letters and the whole group is love doing this project. It can get addicting for sure. Here is my first sets.
This was just a practice run, I ended up sending it to a very dear friend.

Here is the front and back of a PLP I am sending out to a partner. Hope she likes it.

Here is another one that is going out on a private swap with, Lynn. I thought I took a back photo but guess not. I did pack it was some cool goodies for her.

Well that is it for now. Thanks for stopping by and look forward to seeing you again soon.